Oh come on. If you’re going to make me wait all day and end up cancelling at midnight, wanna come up with a better excuse than “it’s raining”?

thanks a lot, thats 2 nights wasted cause of you little shits

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when is summer going to be over?!?! i hate sitting around doing nothing, gimme school so i can do something!! 

but what is this school? i cant even get in the courses i need..

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ughhhh i feel so sick for some reason.. :/

Something about the past few weeks have gotten me to start thinking about it again..

If i dont find something to work myself to the bone or stress myself or i might just flip the switch.

Waking up with nose bleeds and coughing up blood again. What is going on?


Possibly the strongest trio group ever

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So what happens when someone who puts their trust in almost anyone they meet, loses their trust in everyone?

They become stubborn, greedy, and they hate themselves for it. So this is what I’ve become…

I feel as if my life and imagination has gone dull.
Now that the semester has ended I’ve done nothing but sleep and be on the computer. I dont have the motivation to do anything anymore. Maybe the main reason for that is that I dont have the means of transportation to go anywhere (transit is horrible here) and maybe because none of my friends like to go outside..

Well time to change. Going to start working out again, wake up early and maybe ill be able to spark my imagination again.

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I am glad this project is now coming to a finish. Unfortunately I believe I just failed a final because of this project too. But oh well If I do good on this course I actually don’t care.

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Aarooooon~ Happy Birthday! *pops streamers and they fill your inbox* \ o u o /

:D *brings out a broom to clean up later

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